Unable to connect to Yahoo and ICQ accounts through pidgin.

Adam adam.kumar1983 at gmail.com
Thu Jul 23 11:02:27 EDT 2009

Hi All,

I am trying to add the yahoo and icq accounts to pidgin 2.5.4 installed in
the linux server.
but we are unable to connect, where as when we try to connect to the aim or
gmail server
they are connecting fine.

I have checked the dbus-monitor, for yahoo it was not giving any error
message related to
connection where as for icq it was atleast saying that "Authentication

I am attaching the log of the dbus-monitor for both yahoo and icq.

For connecting I am trying below commands.

for icq.

/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountNew string:572197000 string:prpl-icq
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetUsername int32:1150
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetPassword int32:1150 string:mypass
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountsAdd int32:1150
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetEnabled int32:1150
string:gtk-gaim int32:1
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountRegister int32:1150

for yahoo.

/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountNew string:yahooemailid
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetUsername int32:1209
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetPassword int32:1209 string:mypass
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountsAdd int32:1209
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountSetEnabled int32:1209
string:gtk-gaim int32:1
/usr/local/bin/purple-send PurpleAccountRegister int32:1209

can any one suggest us what might be the problem and possible solution to

Any help on this is highly appreciated.

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