Opening a pidgin IM window from another program

Will Thompson will at
Thu Jun 4 18:19:53 EDT 2009


Michael wrote:
> I'm writing a multi-user web-based application, and would like to be
> able to click on someone's name on an HTML page and open an IM window to
> that person, but the Pidgin command-line help does not give any
> indication as to how to specify who to open an IM window to.   I've
> looked through the Pidgin online docs at and cannot
> find any mention there, either.
> Can anyone point me to a document that will let me know how to create a
> n HTML link like this?

The 'purple-url-handler' script that ships with pidgin (in the
libpurple/ directory in the source tarball, and in the 'libpurple-bin'
package on Debian-like systems) can be hooked up to handle URLs like
"xmpp:romeo at". It uses libpurple's D-Bus interface.
You probably want to set this up as your browser's URL handler for
"xmpp:", "aim:" etc. URLs.

libpurple also ships with 'purple-remote', which is somewhat more
general and also uses libpurple's D-Bus interface.

On Windows, where D-Bus is not, I don't know if there are any alternatives.


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