Yahoo issues

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Wed Jun 24 23:12:28 EDT 2009

Well, as most of us are aware, there have been a bunch of reports of a few
issues with the new Yahoo code:

  * Doesn't compile with ancient glib (2.4.x or older)
  * Buddies never go offline
  * Crash for some users under certain circumstances (easiest to reproduce with
a pager server of although I can't reproduce it at all)
  * Buddy icons not fetching properly
  * Possibly others I'm forgetting at the moment

We have already fixed the first two issues.  The third can probably be fixed
relatively easily.  I think the fourth might be related to the URL fetching
stuff I did so that the account's proxy settings take effect for URL fetch requests.

If we can get all of these problems fixed, should we release a 2.5.8 relatively
soonish just to get the fixes out the door?  Or should we instead just rely on
packagers (including Richard and Stu) to update the 2.5.7 builds with the
relevant patches?  Personally, as much as I hate to throw another release out
before 2.6.0, I'm leaning toward releasing 2.5.8 since it will additionally
benefit Adium.



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