Yahoo! Japan as a separate PRPL

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Mon Jun 29 23:51:01 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> For anyone who wants to try this, note that you
> might have to have to create the Yahoo Japan account first (I don't
> remember for sure).

Yes, you do have to create the account.  It's an absolute pain if you can't read
Japanese.  If you can't read it, having a friend who can and can help you would
be a huge help.  I stumbled through the process with babelfish when I created my

> And so it kind of makes sense to register a separate PRPL for Yahoo
> Japan.  This way people with the same account on each IM network can
> have both accounts signed on in Pidgin, and can have their chatlogs
> separate, separate buddy list, etc.

Having a separate prpl should improve things for other UI's as well.  Obviously,
though, we need a migration path from the account preference to a new prpl ID,
and we need a simple way to handle (YahooData *)yd->jp throughout, as this is
what's used internally to differentiate the account as a Yahoo Japan account.

> How do people feel about this?  It would be similar to what we do with
> oscar, where we call PURPLE_INIT_PLUGIN() once for AIM and once for
> ICQ.

I had actually thought about doing this once before, whether anyone liked it or
not.  It *does* make a lot more sense, and it would make the advanced tab of the
account editor a LOT simpler--there is FAR too much crap on that page for a
single prpl as it is now.

I'm definitely in favor of doing this (maybe for 2.6.0?).  Additionally, I
propose that we use prpl-yahoojp for the ID.


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