question:multi accounts how to login in the nullclient.c

zjye-yezj zjye-yezj at
Wed Mar 4 00:30:17 EST 2009

it's ok now, thanks!

在2009-03-02,"Daniel Atallah" <daniel.atallah at> 写道:
>2009/3/1 zjye-yezj <zjye-yezj at>:
>> thistime gtalk login success but msn failed,
>> C:\Documents and Settings\bl00111>E:\debug\test5\Debug\test5.exe
>Aha, you're on Windows. You'll need to use the giochannel
>implementation that Pidgin
>uses (see pidgin/gtkeventloop.c) (this may or may not be the cause of
>the problems you're seeing).
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