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Sulabh Mahajan at
Sun Mar 8 10:53:22 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,
I recently merged the soc 2008 yahoo project branch, into im.pidgin.pidgin. This adds the following
features to the libpurple's yahoo implementation:

1. p2p support
        a) setup p2p connections with buddies: connect as a server, or as a
        b) send/receive IMs over the p2p connection
        c) send/receive typing notifications over the p2p connections
        d) send p2p keepalives
        e) p2p file transfers: send/receive as client/server
2. send/receive sms through yahoo
    eg- to send sms, use +<countrycode><phone-no>, eg- send it to
3. MSN interoperability:
        a) add, remove buddy by using prefix "msn/" with the the id.
               eg- to add wlm id abcd at as a yahoo buddy, add
msn/abcd at as a buddy.
        b) send/receive IM, notifications
        c) change group
        d) presence settings

The code has been reviewed by the project mentor, Mark Doliner. Further
reviews will be highly appreciated. Please be on the look for any bugs or
crashes. Suggestions are welcome.

Project: Soc-2008 yahoo improvement project
Student: Sulabh Mahajan
Mentor: Mark Doliner

Thanking you,

Sulabh Mahajan at
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