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Martin Ott pahaloom at gmail.com
Wed Mar 11 11:43:00 EDT 2009

2009/3/10 John Bailey <rekkanoryo at rekkanoryo.org>

> The point is the forums are a wasteland that are currently doing *nothing*
> useful.  They are serving to do nothing but duplicate content from the
> support
> list and tickets.

This appears funny. I know no forum that could do anything useful by itself.
Although I as a pidgin user do not remember reading even one thread there -
could it be so, that from this devel list - someone else would like to take
over the forum and start moderating it? Unless there will be one or several
of that kind of persons, then yes, it really would make sense to disable the
SF forum and tracker (both of them) while redirecting any "wanna-posters" to
either devel-list or trac.

Otherwise you just put yourself in offline mode (in IM sence) so that at
most "offline messages" will have to be queued by some "IM server of

...and noone will be able to read until some crazy patch writer will make a
plugin for "IM server of Life" just for you, dear developers.

All the best!
Pidgin rocks and kicks!
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