Pidgin on MacOSX

Albert Zeyer albert.zeyer at
Wed Mar 11 17:45:52 EDT 2009

Dear list,

I ported Pidgin to MacOSX. I basically used the native Gtk+ framework  
(most work was done by Richard Hult) and fixed it to make it possible  
to embed that framework in the MacOSX app bundle. My goal was to build  
a standalone app bundle which just works without any other  
dependencies. I achieved this goal and created a compressed DMG  
containing that app.

I also applied this patch (for a small icon in the menu bar):

And I finally did some further patches to Pidgin to have some more  
natural MacOSX feeling.

I also included some further plugins, including OTR, Facebookchat and  
Gfire to Pidgin.

All that work, including the Xcode project files and all other  
necessary things to build it yourself, a ready DMG-image containing  
the app-bundle for download, can be found now at this SourceForce  

You can checkout the SVN to have everything you need for building,  
also including the frameworks. You can also see all my changes to the  
Pidgin source in SVN:

This is the changelog for the latest release:

 From first release (Pidgin 2.5.4 ver1) to current (Pidgin 2.5.5 ver2):
- fixed some bugs in the Gtk+ framework to make
   it working bundled in an app-bundle
- statically linked in most official Pidgin plugins
   (but extended Pidgin source that not all of them are
   loaded by default)
- build own Gtk+ framework from Gtk+ SVN trunk
- MacOSX notify support (the icon jumps on a new message
   or any other event; that is the pidgin_set_urgent
- OTR plugin builtin (based on Pidgin OTR 3.1.0)
- added SSL support (builtin GnuTLS 2.6.4)
- updated Pidgin source to 2.5.5
- Facebookchat plugin builtin
- Gfire plugin builtin

It can be downloaded here:

If you have any questions, please CC me as I am not registered in the  
pidgin-devel mailinglist.


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