Pidgin on MacOSX

Albert Zeyer albert.zeyer at
Wed Mar 11 20:15:18 EDT 2009

Am 11.03.2009 um 23:33 schrieb Jacopo Ghiglieri:

> On 11/mar/09, at 22:45, Albert Zeyer wrote:
>> Dear list,
>> I ported Pidgin to MacOSX. I basically used the native Gtk+ framework
>> (most work was done by Richard Hult) and fixed it to make it possible
>> to embed that framework in the MacOSX app bundle. My goal was to  
>> build
>> a standalone app bundle which just works without any other
>> dependencies. I achieved this goal and created a compressed DMG
>> containing that app.
> Great! Unfortunately the app bundle seems to be intel-only. Do you  
> have any plans of releasing a universal app or should I try  
> compiling it on my own?
> Best,
> Jacopo

I think Pidgin should just compile fine for PPC. In Xcode, it's just  
some clicks (I just have to select Universal build) and I think it  
should work already.

The problem is that the Gtk framework was build only for Intel. The  
way it is build is kind of unnatural for MacOSX, thus making that an  
Universal binary is not trivial. To create an Xcode project for Gtk is  
also not trivial (I tried and I just gave up, it's too much work  
because you have to do that also for all the dependencies and their  
configure/make script is also not trivial, you have to redo all that  
in Xcode).

So for right now, I leave that task for the people behind 
. Once they provide an Universal build, it's trivial for me to create  
the Universal build for Pidgin. (If I don't note that myself (because  
I probably wont watch that site all the time), please ping me.)

Btw., it was also not really that complicated to create the Xcode  
project for Pidgin. I just added all the *.c files to it (except some  
demos and testing suites), wrote my own config.h and that's basically  
it. (Ok, not the whole truth; because I just merged everything  
together, I had to make the static linking of Pidgin plugins possible.  
That does not work with Pidgins source right out-of-the-box, I had to  
fix it a bit.)

For now, if you want to use Pidgin on a MacOSX PPC box, you'll have to  
build the Gtk framework by your own. That's not trivial to do and  
takes a long time (and sometimes breaks). Anyway, if you do that on a  
PPC machine, you should get a PPC-only Gtk framework as a result. Then  
you can just use my Xcode project of Pidgin to create a PPC version of  


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