Cannot use chat-cb, pass enum in plugin

Paul Aurich paul at
Tue Mar 17 03:05:07 EDT 2009

On Mar 16, 2009, at 21:32, Adam Tistler wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am attempting to use the received-chat-msg callback in my plugin
> however it does not seem to be called.  Received-im-msg does get
> called however.
> According to the xml, this is a chat conversation:
> <message to="xxxxxx at" type="chat"
> id="D5E2C4CE8EA07AB7_14"
> I think that I am confused as to the difference between what finch
> thinks is a "chat" and "im".  Can someone elaborate.

Pidgin, libpurple, and Finch use a different set of terms from the  
protocols (in this case, XMPP). An XMPP chat is a 1:1 conversation  
('im' in libpurple et al.) and an XMPP groupchat is a multi-user chat  
('chat' in libpurple et al.).

I'm not familiar enough with the intricacies of the perl-fu to know  
why your conversation creation doesn't work.

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