Compling pidgin 2.5.5 under Ubuntu 8.10

Paul Aurich paul at
Tue Mar 17 12:57:37 EDT 2009

And Ori Idan spoke on 03/17/2009 07:45 AM, saying:
> I am trying to compile pidgin 2.5.5 under Ubuntu 8.10 I get an error
> message from configure that I don't have XScreenSaver development headers.
> Can someone tell me what package provides this under Ubuntu?

There's a very convenient function built-in to Debian (and all apt-based
derivatives, like Ubuntu)'s package manager that will fetch all the build
dependencies for a package. It's extremely useful when building things like
 pidgin from source.

As root, `apt-get build-dep pidgin` should install (most, if not all, of)
the libraries you need.

> -- 
> Ori Idan


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