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Jan Kaluza hanzz.k at
Fri Mar 20 05:02:17 EDT 2009

I'm the person from #pidgin, who is the developer of Gloox/Libpurple
based XMPP transport. I have just now 8864 buddies online and 735
accounts online. I'm using it with one libpurple's blist, but I had to
replace functions which are used to load/save blist/accounts/statuses,
because my blist.xml has more than 100MB and saving It realy blocks
whole libpurple.

My transport is using mysql db and loading/saving blist and accounts
from/to DB. I think another solution of this situation could be to
split blist in to smaller blists according to account and save it to
separate files (one account = one blist file). Maybe we could also try
to use sqlite, but that's only idea. I realy don't know if we want to
have more dependencies or if sqlite fits to it.

I didn't want to make big changes in my libpurple branch, because of
synchronizing with official libpurple in future, so all my mysql
functions are in my transport code.

Jan "HanzZ" Kaluza

On Thu, Mar 19, 2009 at 10:35 PM, jbowers <jbowers at> wrote:
> Ethan Blanton wrote:
>> There was somebody in #pidgin a while back who said he had several
>> users running out of the same libpurple in some sort of jabber
>> transport, it would be worth finding out if his [patched] libpurple
>> uses multiple blists or not.  Does anyone have contact information
>> from that exchange?
> I am not that person from #pidgin, but I am the primary developer for
> Thrasher Bird which is using libpurple to implement a Thrasher
> transport, and we do not use multiple buddy lists at the moment. I key
> off of the connected account for everything.
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