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Sat Mar 21 13:06:42 EDT 2009

Hello everyone,

    I'm writing this in order to inform you of my choice to try and help the
Pidgin community in this year's Google Summer of Code. My name is Felix
Kerekes, I'm a student in Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj Napoca, Romania.
I code mainly in C/C++ and use Python for quick hacks or fast development.
What I like most about programming is finding new challenges, interacting
with interesting and experienced people and learning new stuff. I consider
myself a quick learner and I specifically enjoy solving harder tasks. During
high school, I took part in numerous computer science contests with
satisfying results and now I activate in TopCoder's Marathon Matches,
programming challenges that require much imagination and hard work; this is
my profile:

    So far I haven't done any open source project development, but I'm
having a great desire to start, and Pidgin seems like a great project to get
going on, with your help of course. I've discovered Pidgin about 2-3 years
ago when I migrated from Windows to GNU/Linux and now it's the only software
I use for IM/IRC, even on Windows platform. There are two projects in which
I'm interested:

    i) Web site translations
        For me to plan on tactics on implementing the required changes that
you mentioned on the ideas page, I would like to know some details on the
platform and technologies that the website is running on.

    ii) Telepathy prpl
        I have already started to learn the way prpls work in
libpurple/Pidgin and took a dive into the code. Right now I'm taking a look
at the Telepathy and I'll be thinking of ways to integrate the two.

    This was just a brief information about myself and the projects I'm
willing to get involved in. Note that Pidgin is the only project I'll
subscribe to in Google Summer of Code. I will post more details in my
application when the time comes. Until then, it would be great to hear some
feedback from you. I'll also be on the IRC channel.

Thank you,
Felix Kerekes (StTwister)
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