I have 2 ideas

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2009/3/21 Yubo Chow <maniac0213 at gmail.com>:
> I will reply all.
> Personally, I think direct connection is more appropriate. Some reasons:
> 1) somehow the most important one, using a server may bring extra fees. As I
> know server always buy some bandwidth telecom operators.
> 2) I like not only implement a protocol sending sms, maybe via a server it's
> hard for receiving, but also a platform to manager cell phones. this could
> give me enough work.

I can also see some type of prpl coming into play here for talking to whatever will be listening to these communications.

> 3) is this useful? I believe plenty of people will try at less. Typing with
> 10 keys, too few & too small, isn't a joyful experience anyway.
> Synchronizating informations with mobile phones is useful too.
> 4) to connect with cell phones isnt difficult. Buletooth, wifi, cable and
> some other way I know and I don’t.

Except that I can't imagine all phones using the same communication protocol, so there'll have to exist drivers for different types of phones.  I somehow doubt sync'ing with an iPhone is the same as my LG.

> In a word, it's feasible in my opinion. Though it's no more than a draft, I
> eager for more ideas. Thank for Ka-Hing Cheung I will replay all.
> Best Regards!
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> Yubo Chow
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> On Sat, 2009-03-21 at 11:44 +0800, Yubo Chow wrote:
>> Which is more viable in your opinion, server or direct connection?
>> Nice to hear your advice.
> Please reply-all or reply-to-list.
> Instead of answering your question, let me just tell you that I don't
> use SMS, so I don't basically nothing about sending SMS. You should
> probably do some background research on the work involved for each and
> then decide base on that.
> -khc
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