Adding new accounts to Finch using software

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Mon Mar 23 15:20:44 EDT 2009

Hi Matthew,

I have played around and found dbus to be the only way of programatically
signing in an account, I wrote a bot or two using the pidgin dbus api.

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On Tue, Mar 24, 2009 at 12:46 AM, Matthew Gordon <matthew at>wrote:

> Dearest Pidgin gurus,
> I develop chatbots that talk to users on websites and over instant
> messaging protocols. I wanted to add the ability for users to have a
> chatbot login to an instant messaging account simply by entering the IM
> account information on my website. I have finch running on my server and
> I've written software that takes the user's account information and adds
> it to the .purple/accounts.xml file. Is there anyway to sign a new
> account on to finch programmatically without restarting finch (which
> would log off all of the other users' IM accounts)? I would very much
> appreciate any input or ideas :)
> Thanks very much,
> Matthew
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