GSoC applications

me mine ootld999 at
Wed Mar 25 19:10:00 EDT 2009

I'm thinking of writing an application for GSoC regarding pidgin
development and i have one question (for now).
On the idea 'Write a Native User Interface for Microsoft Windows Based
on libpurple', i personally prefer .NET and for that i see 2 major
languages for implementing this, C/C++/managed and C#. The question
here is which language to use, or is there a language preference in
what concerns the MS Windows UI?

I would also like to add that i've been using Pidgin on a MS Windows
OS for about 1 year and i have observed clipping problems or other
graphical glitches that would be solved by this native UI
implementation, and this project would be quite interesting and useful
for me (and the other users of pidgin/MSWindows).


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