libpurple crashing since 18 months

Thorsten sendmail at
Thu Mar 26 10:34:13 EDT 2009

> and bugs are fixed through bug tracker, not by direct communication

I filed my bug report  #7621 in November 2008, and the first reply came 
in January, but nothing happened since then, so it is 4 months old and 
just sits there. Do you call *THIS* fixing bugs? Or even caring for 
bugs? Do you ever hope to get a stable release done? Maybe in the year 
2025 or so?

It does not matter whether a bug is reported by e-mail or on a website. 
But it matters if someone cares for it. And caring for bugs means to 
communicate. You have not only a defect library, you have also a defect 
bug-fixing system.


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