GSoC 09 Project : Write a Native User Interface for Microsoft Windows Based on libpurple

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Sat Mar 28 08:23:34 EDT 2009


I am a final year student majoring in Information Technology at NSIT, Delhi
University. This project has taken my interest because of two reasons.
Firstly, since, I am a regular user of windows and Pidgin, I believe that
making a User Interface customised for Windows can be really good for the
users like me. Secondly, I have some experience of working with Microsoft
Technologies(worked at Microsoft as an intern) apart from being a part of
open-source development(student in GSoc 08), so I believe that I can work on
this project.

Specifically, I would like to ask the following questions here, before
drafting a proposal:

Q.1 : Do we want to make certain changes to the UI for the Windows version
or do we want to keep the UI consistent over all Operating Systems?

Q.2 : Since, the project is large and doing the complete testing and
deployment of the project might be somewhat tough. What milestones and how
much amount of work do you see a GSoC Project can be about?

Q.3 : There have been two contrasting views put up by the community. One
being that the UI development should be done in MFC since the .Net Based
applications are slower. Other view is that .Net Based applications are
easier to write. Personally, I feel myself capable of doing development in
either of the two. Though, since we are targetting at a Desktop based
application and not at a embedded device application, I feel myself inclined
to write code in .Net since that is going to be the platform going into the
Though, it is for the community to decide upon.

Thanks & Regards,
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