Reply to Mr. Laager's comment for my GSoC proposal

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Sat Mar 28 08:34:46 EDT 2009

Well, I have sent a mail to rlaager at but I'm not sure if that mailbox is Mr. Laager's...I'm new to GSoC....
So I resend my mail to this mailbox..
Dear Mr. Laager,
I have read your comment for my GSoC proposal. Thanks for your comment. I intend to extend Finch and add some feature that QQ has to Pidgin. Frankly speaking, I don't have any experience of developing with libpurple. I know that you are one of the contributors of Pidgin. Could you give me some suggestions? For example, what I should learn before I begin the developing work? Thanks for answering my questions.
Peng Jing

Peng Jing
pj.phantom at
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications

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