Web interface for Pidgin/libpurple

Jan Kaluza hanzz.k at gmail.com
Sun Mar 29 07:46:32 EDT 2009

Hi again,
I have another idea for Pidgin/libpurple for Summer of Code and I want
to ask a question before submitting the application. Goal of my
project is to create web interface for Pidgin/libpurple. Unfortunately
I've found two ways how to do it.

1. User has full control of whole Pidgin/libpurple
The user set the username and password for web interface and login. He
will see his buddy list and he will be able to manage his accounts and
buddies or for example to chat with friends. The benefit of this way
is that you can for example use your pidgin, which runs at your home,
from your work, so you have all logs on the same place.

For this use case, it would be better to create it as Pidgin/libpurple
plugin instead of creating new UI.

2. User controls only his account (similar to Meebo)
The user login with his network name (UIN for ICQ, JID for jabber and
so on...) and is able to control only his account.

For this use case, the new libpurple's UI has to be written (in my opinion).

>From a technical point of view I want to use libmicrohttpd
(http://www.gnu.org/software/libmicrohttpd/), which is very small and
thread-safe library, which runs on many platforms and supports for
example authentication and POST forms. I have experiences with
libpurple, because I'm developer of HiICQ transport (XMPP - libpurple
gateway written in C++).

The question I would like to ask is what is more preferred way how to
do it according to Pidgin developers.

Thanks for any response

Jan "HanzZ" Kaluza

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