Problems using PurpleAccountConnect

Etan Reisner pidgin at
Thu May 7 20:40:35 EDT 2009

On Fri, May 08, 2009 at 12:42:43AM +0200, Matthew Gordon wrote:
> Hey Etan,
> Thank you very much for the response.
> What would I need to do differently to enable the account for Finch instead
> of for Pidgin? It's more convenient for my usage to just use Finch, but I
> can use Pidgin if necessary. When you refer to "enabling the account", are
> you referring specifically to the call to SetEnabled? That invocation does
> have some effect on Finch because I can check or uncheck the box next to
> the account in Finch using SetEnabled. It seems a bit odd that it would do
> that (and try to connect) but not actually put the account online.
> -- Matthew

Yes, "enabling the account" means calling purple_account_set_enabled.

The fact that finch notices you calling purple_account_set_enabled with a
ui string of "gtk-gaim" is a bug. The signal finch uses (account-enabled)
doesn't pass the ui string along so finch needs to assume it was enabled
for itself (because the majority of the time it will be enabling, and
disabling, accounts for itself).

This is a bug we should fix, but will need to wait for 3.0.0.[1]

Until then you need to use the finch UI string, which you can find either
by looking in the source, or by manually enabling an account in finch and
seeing what it writes to the accounts.xml file[2].

As to why the debug window says it is trying to connect but doesn't
actually do anything, we print out that message before checking if the
account is enabled, or if we have the right prpl loaded. (I'm fixing that
as we speak, and adding a message for when someone tries to connect a
disabled account.)


[1] Actually, we can fix the bug now by checking that the account was
enabled for the current UI in purple_account_set_enabled. But the right
fix would be to propagate the UI string to the signal so that UIs and
plugins can get that information as well.

[2] gnt-purple, I'm too nice. =)

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