latest pidgin slplink.c patch

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun May 24 00:18:58 EDT 2009

adc wrote:
> In trying to understand definitions I also noticed this in glib for
> 64-bit machines:
> glib/gtypes.h:#define G_MAXUINT64    G_GINT64_CONSTANT(0xffffffffffffffffU)
> Should that line be?
> glib/gtypes.h:#define G_MAXUINT64    G_GUINT64_CONSTANT(0xffffffffffffffffU)

We did not write glib/gtypes.h.  This is something to ask the glib folks.  That
said, given that G_MAXUINT64 is explicity defined to a binary value of 64 1's,
it may not matter.  Either way, it's not for us to fix if it's brokn.


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