pidgin: 312e056d: Don't call purple_notify_emails() for 0 ...

Paul Aurich paul at
Mon May 25 22:03:24 EDT 2009

And Daniel Atallah spoke on 05/24/2009 08:26 PM, saying:
> On Sun, May 24, 2009 at 2:35 AM,  <darkrain42 at> wrote:
>> -----------------------------------------------------------------
>> Revision: 312e056d702d29379ea61aea9d27765f127bc888
>> Ancestor: e9309afffb6f4040a06a338b945a21b6e6901204
>> Author: darkrain42 at
>> Date: 2009-05-24T06:30:02
>> Branch: im.pidgin.pidgin
>> URL:
>> Modified files:
>>        libpurple/protocols/jabber/google.c
>> ChangeLog:
>> Don't call purple_notify_emails() for 0 emails.
> IIRC the intent of this was that it would be used to remove the mail
> notification.
> -D

All of the other prpls explicitly go out of their way to not call
purple_notify_emails with 0 emails, and problems were reported with two of
three UIs (Adium and Finch both announced "You have 0 new unread
message(s)!" or similar), which is why I made this change (it also seems to
have gone in and out of the tree a few time over the years :) ).

I'm fine with fixing that in Finch (Zac already made the change in Adium)
and will do so if nobody complains before then.


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