Lee Roach phroggster at
Mon Nov 2 11:22:28 EST 2009

On Mon, Nov 2, 2009 at 4:37 AM, <bogdan_hij at> wrote:
> Hello Lee,
> I am trying to run nullclient on Vista with no success.
> Could you give me some advices how to do this?
> Thank you in advance,
> Bogdan

I haven't been very active with Pidgin since my company changed their
intellecual property policy, so my comments may be quite outdated.

However, building nullclient for win32 has always been quit a hassle.
You have to create a Makefile.mingw from scratch, and modify
nullclient.c to include the proper headers and dynamically load the
neccessary .dlls (see winpidgin.c for this), and implement getpass().
Then, you might be able to compile and run it, or at least
troubleshoot it further.

In this aspect, I don't think nullclient has ever been very much help
to the win32 community, but the knowledge gained into libpurple can be
significant after getting it to work.

There has also been a recent push to create a frontend in Visual
Studio, called Vulture. This project is likely much easier to turn
around and use in win32. The source code for Vulture is in monotone
[1] under branch im.pidgin.soc.2009.vulture, and that code is also
shared through ViewMTN [2].



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