The webkit branch and message style themes

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Sun Nov 15 15:39:38 EST 2009

Marcus Lundblad wrote:
>> I haven't really followed the development in that branch. But considering
>> the amount of work that may be necessary to get it releasable, perhaps we
>> can target it for 2.7.0?
> I think this will need a major bump, as it will effectively remove API
> (GtkIMHtml)

Marcus is correct--if we replace GtkImHtml we have to bump to 3.0.0--even if we
don't kill the API, we're changing behavior in such a way that it *will* break a
number of existing plugins.  I'm not against doing this, but there's a LOT of
stuff we really do need to do for 3.0.0, ideally including finishing
gobjectification of libpurple, merging in the keyring stuff, etc.


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