pidgin development support - what method is called initially when account disconnect tick box is unticked

evanescent coolnuwan at
Thu Oct 1 06:00:46 EDT 2009

yes. I am going though with it. but im yet to find it.
Actually what i want is to perform the same functionality from inside the
that mean at some logic in the plugin i need to disconnect the account in
the program. i.e not by un-ticking the tick box.

thanks .

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 3:23 PM, Will Thompson <will at>wrote:

> evanescent wrote:
> > Could somebody please tell me what method is called when untick  enabled
> > tick box in pidgin.
> Well, it's a tickybox that sets whether an account is enabled, so
> perhaps there's a method in libpurple/account.h you could call on a
> PurpleAccount to set it to enabled or disabled.
> --
> Will
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