Migrating developer.pidgin.im

Kevin Stange kstange at pidgin.im
Tue Oct 20 09:48:36 EDT 2009

Luke Schierer wrote:
> On Oct 19, 2009, at 23:20 EDT, John Bailey wrote:
>> Mark Doliner wrote:
>>> Our hosting provider, NetworkRedux, will be moving "imperial," the
>>> virtual machine that hosts developer.pidgin.im to different hardware
>>> that will hopefully perform better for us.  The scheduled time for
>>> this migration is 10:00AM PDT on Wednesday of this week.  If anyone
>>> suspects there will be problems with this, or if you think it would be
>>> better if the scheduled time was changed, please let me know.
>> I don't forsee this being a major problem, but I will be unavailable
>> during that
>> time (from about half an hour prior until at least 8 hours afterward),
>> so I
>> won't be able to assist if services need restarting or any other
>> administration
>> is necessary.  It's probably best if at least one person with the
>> requisite
>> access *is* available just in case.
>> John
> I also cannot be available during business hours.

I am also not available, I'm out of town all this week.  That said,
Thomas is going to most likely attempt an online migration, which copies
the running memory and and CPU state across between the servers so
there's no reboot or service interruption.  If this is done and
succeeds, there should be no need to intervene.


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