Is QQ2008 a safe default?

Will Thompson will at
Wed Oct 21 12:26:17 EDT 2009


I've had a few reports against telepathy-haze that the default QQ
protocol version, QQ2005, doesn't work any more, and that changing that
setting to QQ2008 makes it work fine. I believe one of them checked that
the behaviour is the same in Pidgin.

If QQ2005 really doesn't work, it would appear to make sense to bump the
default protocol version to QQ2008 (and possibly remove QQ2005
entirely). I was about to commit a patch to change the default protocol
version, but thought I'd poll #pidgin first. John noted that “someone
made mention of the potential for that version to break accounts”. Is
this the case? Even if so, is it better to have a default that works in
most cases, as opposed to (apparently) never working? :-)


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