Finch plugin - send "Please authorize me!" message automatically!

mowsen mowsen at
Thu Oct 22 03:17:08 EDT 2009

Hi there,

i'm writing a little perl script for finch. I want it to send the
"Please authorize me!" messages automatically. I add a buddy like

$buddy = Purple::BuddyList::Buddy::new($account, $bud, $bud);
Purple::BuddyList::add_buddy($buddy, undef, $proto, $proto);
Purple::Account::add_buddy($account, $buddy);

On MSN, there is this "Please authorize me!" dialog popping up, which
I don't want. I want finch/the script to automatically send the
authorization message without first opening that dialog window at all.
I searched through the Perl API but couldn't find any appropriate
function that could catch that window, click "OK" and then close it. I
suppose i have to hack the .c source of finch instead. As I don't know
much C, it'd be awesome if someone could help me rewriting the source
so the autorization process becomes automatic.

Thanks alot in advance!

P.s> Thanks Etan for your great help in my previous posts :)

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