Carnegie Mellon Students looking for help

Anthony Hugh ahugh at
Wed Oct 28 16:26:21 EDT 2009


My name is Anthony Hugh and I am a student at Carnegie Mellon University.
I am currently enrolled in a course called "Foundations of Software
Engineering."  One of the projects for the semester is to work with an
Open Source project and ultimately get some code into the code base.  I am
working with Mark Thurman, another student enrolled in the course.

Mark and I were wondering if someone could help us get started.  We were
looking for someone that could point us
in the right direction and help us find some areas where we could
contribute.  Our project need not be a big contribution (a couple of bug
fixes is fine), but it does ultimately need to make it into the code base.
Our deadline is November 24, roughly one month from now.

Some bugs we thought would be manageable in that time frame were

1577:  Sort groups alphabetically.
9422:  Sort in "New Instant Message"
2434:  Add chatroom buddy to blist by dragging
1787:  Replace smilies while typing
3329:  Autocompletion of screennames with spaces

Any help would be appreciated.

Anthony Hugh

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