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David Balazic David.Balazic at
Wed Sep 9 05:34:18 EDT 2009

Mark Doliner wrote:
> Just a few tips:
> * Users do not have to be subscribed to this mailing list in order to
> post to it.

The listinfo page (URL in footer) does not say so. I don't think anyone
would go search your message first and then (not) sunscribe. I believe
most will go to that page, read how to subscribe and do it. This is
common issue with mail lists. The info whether it accepts posts from
non-subscribers in not published, at least not in the obvious places.
So sometimes I post and wait for either a rejection message or that
my message appears in the archive. As both can take hours if not days,
I usually subscribe first.

> When replying to a user's email please ensure the user's
> email address is listed in the "To" field.
> * Replies to this mailing list by default go to the user who sent the
> email.  We've talked about this behavior in the past and do not plan
> on changing it.
> * You're encouraged to use "Reply All" or "Reply List" for the
> majority of your responses so that future generations of Pidgin users

Just a note: The vast majority of users have no "Reply List" button
in their MUA. (at least not in default configuration)

> can benefit from your knowledge being indexed forever in Google.
> However, it may make sense for you to email the user only when sending
> private information, sending off-topic information, if the user is
> taking a private poll, etc.
> -Mark
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