Idea for project for Pidgin

Kyle ghostbust555 at
Sat Sep 12 17:54:37 EDT 2009

Using the google talk text message plugin you can send a text message to your phone. Now a very simple edit to the buddy pounce would be to send a message to a contact (phone) whenever someone logs on or off, or sends you a messaage. Prefferably it could include the message. Also a more complicated thing could be a response by sending a message to your computer from a text on your phone with a contact name as the first word and then put a pounce that reads the contact and sends the rest of the message to them.

This would create an easy way for people without a data plan to have moble im. I would like to program this myself but with school and my lack of knowledege of the language i just dont have time. Anyway I look forward to seeing this feeature in a plugin or such in the future.


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