Why am I banned?

Peter Lawler bleeter at gmail.com
Mon Sep 14 21:28:09 EDT 2009

On 15/09/09 10:59, Felipe Contreras wrote:
> On Tue, Sep 15, 2009 at 1:38 AM, Peter Lawler<bleeter at gmail.com>  wrote:
>> Felipe,
>> If one goes to a pub, is disruptive, and told 'If you continue that
>> behaviour, you'll be banned for life' then goes on right ahead and continues
>> the behaviour... EVEN IF IT'S ON THE WAY OUT THE DOOR... the establishment
>> has every right to ban that person for life as they have demonstrated
>> clearly their contempt for the rules laid down by the establishment.
> Nobody said "for life".
And? As a simile/analogy whatever you wish, it's still apt.

>> Every IRC channel has limits. The most basic is; what Ops say goes, annoy
>> the crap out of an Op at one's own peril. If an op says 'stop or I'll
>> ban'... STOP.
> Are you familiar with the term "police abuse"? Maybe it will come as a
> shock to you, but yes, power can be abused.
It may come as a shock to you, but IRC, like life, isn't fair. If you 
feel unfairly banned, feel free to apply to the World Court or other 
jurisdiction who you feel has authority over #pidgin. Maybe they were 
waiting for you to start behaving appropriately. You cannot seriously 
think this cryfest will help. Go watch Life Of Brian, People's Front of 
Judea scenes.

> It looks like you are not understanding correctly what is happening: a
> warning for a *temporal* ban was used in order to issue a permanent
> ban without any explanation. I realized I was banned permanently
> because none of my private emails were being answered, and after a
> month I still was unable to join the channel.
I understood what happened, we were told to drop. I (and others iirc), 
dropped. You didn't. Now you're having a big cry because you got 
spanked. Boo hoo && QQ moar. Word up: Life ain't fair.

> Given the fact that I've contributed substantially to the project (I
> wrote most of the MSN prpl[1]), and that I've been involved many
> years, I would think I deserve at least an explanation. Moreover,
> whatever Pidgin developers think of me, I was still helping users on
> the IRC channel.
You deserve to be treated as the owners of the IRC channel, and project, 
see fit. Best I can tell you were not helping users, you were (a) 
telling them to use something else (b) refusing to help fix what Pidgin 
ship (c) accusing Pidgin developers of plagiarism whilst comitting a+b. 
You also refused to change behaviour upon request of project owners and 
instead preferred to needlessly argue wasting not only your own time, 
but dev and Op time.

> Anyway, I don't see the point of even trying to collaborate at all
> with this community.
Best as I can tell, you ain't been doing that for ages. So, no great 
loss I guess. Far as I'm concerned, this conversation's over.



P.S. Stupid bloody closed protocols are stupid.

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