Problem with TCL Plugin

Daniel danielflira at
Wed Sep 16 17:46:41 EDT 2009

Hello, My name is Daniel, I'm from Brazil, Sorry my wrong english, or if I
expressed badly, but I'm learning... :|

I don't know if a send mail to correct destination, but... I want do plugins
for Pidgin using Tcl language, but when I try connect with signals, a don't
have success. Flow code:

proc plugin_init {} {
  return [ list "Teste" \
                  "0.1" \
                  "Teste de um plugin tcl" \
                  "Teste de desenvolvimento de um plugin em tcl" \
                  "Daniel Lira <danielflira at>" \

::purple::signal connect [::purple::account handle] account-enabled metodo
proc metodo { } {
    ::purple::notify [lindex [plugin_init] 0] "Notify" "Test"

The error is args parameter lack, but i don't know what args is, and on the
sample in he is
not clean.


Daniel Fonseca Lira
Cel: 8421-5382
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