Asterisk Manager Protocol plugin (Re: Update buddy status from SIMPLE protocol)

Antonio Gallo gallo at
Thu Sep 24 09:58:33 EDT 2009

> however when i try to change the buddy status to display this nothing 
> happen.
> Wich is the exact API to change the buddy icon status?
Ok i was able to display ringing or busy status under the username and 
to display a popup email when voicemail have arrived.

BUT... i just noticed that SIMPLE will REGISTER with the PBX and 
Asterisk does not support shared registration so basically PIDGIN will 
overtake my phone registration... crap...
ofc... this will work perfectly with FreeSwitch and other serious SIP 

Well i need something usefull for me, probably is the best thing is to 
copy simple.c and use it as layout for an asterisk manager plugin so i 
can add also FAX notification, ClickToCall and other stuffs.

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