some time the msn client won't pop up a window when someone is adding me.

xin zhuang zhuangxin8448 at
Tue Sep 29 03:57:38 EDT 2009

hi, guys.
	I love pidgin, and I think you guys are really doing great job.
        I am using the pidgin2.6.1 and I talk with my msn friends via my msn account.	Recently I have lost my account password and I have to register a new one, but when my friends add me into their contact list, really weird  sometime pidgin won't pop up a window asking for my authorization, although most time it does. 	But each time I logged in afterwards those missing requests will pop up and ask for my authorization.		I do programming too, and now I am studying the code, maybe someday we can talk about it.  
best wishes.
                         steven zhuang

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