Google summer of code ideas

Vignesh Ramanathan vickyunderthesky at
Wed Apr 7 05:58:44 EDT 2010

Hello folks,
    i am Vignesh, final year B-Tech computer science student . I am
very new to the open source world. I am very interested to participate
in the Google summer of code. Moreover i like to join the open source
community,since there is plenty to learn. i have a project in my
mind.,it is about "audio based chat translation" , that is enabling
conversation among different language speaking people .
My plan is to use
   1)JAVA speech API to synthesize the microphone output.
   2)Using Google Language API(translation and transliteration)to
translate the language.
   3)Use a narrator to read the translated text.
Is this can be added with pidgin?. Is there a text based translator
exist for pidgin?.since i am very new to the open source world i don
even know whether i am talking rubbish. So people please show me some
light  in this regard, it will be a great help for me start my
carrier. Thanks in advance.

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