GSoc Proposal of "plugin management feature & emotion management feature"

ollir zhang ollir.h at
Wed Apr 7 12:25:07 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,

I'm ollir zhang, a Chinese student of Software Engineering, I would like to
do the following two enhancements:

   1. Add plugin management feature into pidgin. For user, it enables
   preview/download/install/config/uninstall in one view. For plugin developer,
   it provides scripts to distribute/upload plugins. Of course, it requires a
   plugin depository online.
   2. Add emotion management feature into pidgin. Which includes emotion
   cache(in ideas list). It help users manage self-defined emotions,
   download/load emotions from official depository in one view. Of course, we
   can define emotions as ascii codes and use cache to save bandwidth. eg, :-)
   as smile.

Detailed descriptions about this two enhancements, please have a look at my

Please give me some feedbacks for improvements, both on enhancements and
proposal, thank you.

Best Regards
Ollir Zhang
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