Devel Digest, Vol 37, Issue 7

Eion Robb eionrobb at
Wed Apr 7 16:52:48 EDT 2010

Marcus Lundblad wrote:
> I was kinda under the impression that the updated gtk+/glib versions was
> one of the blockers for getting this done.
Someone else mentioned on d at p.i that it was a problem of packaging the
dependencies now?

> How much work would remain to manage to package a vv-enabled Pidgin for
> win32?
The hardest part I've found is compiling the gstreamer deps, however
it looks like there's rpm's of these floating around somewhere?

> Would be kinda cool to see this released with 2.7.0 :)
>From my testing, pidgin-vv works 99% great on win32... there's a
couple of minor gstreamer bugs that are outside the scope of pidgin
(but I'm sure will be reported in trac anyway) eg the volume levels
during calls are wildly out, and using speex sounds weird (tis better
to disable it).  Oh, haven't successfully got video calling with gmail
working yet... something to do with the gstreamer-ffmpeg plugin but I
haven't been able to debug since every time I run Pidgin through gdb
there's some weird memory corruption.
Otherwise, I've been using the builds of pidgin-vv/glib/gstreamer from without any troubles - just
disabled the ffmpeg and speex plugins.

It'd be great to see -vv in 2.7.0 :)


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