SoC Proposal Scoring and Decisions

John Bailey rekkanoryo at
Thu Apr 15 21:46:05 EDT 2010

To all SoC Mentors:

I have assigned temporary mentors to several of our proposals (in fact, to more
proposals than we received slots for).  Please check, particularly Daniel, to
see if you're OK with these assignments.  I've spoken to three mentors already,
but I need to know from the rest of you (especially Daniel, as I mentioned
already).  Ideally we also need backup mentors (or co-mentors) as a
precautionary measure.  Please let me know *off-list* about all of this.

I think some of our mentors have not yet scored student proposals.  Please do so
ASAP, ideally this weekend, as this will aid in the following.

We still have 6 calendar days and a few hours to do so, but we *really* need to
make final decisions on what projects to accept.  _Preliminary_ slot allocations
have been made.  The number is listed at the top of the "View all Student
Proposals" page in Melange.  You can see how our slots are currently assigned to
students by looking for the green "Pending acceptance" notations in the status
columns when viewing all student proposals.  In addition to these final
decisions on which projects we want, we also need backup projects/students in
the event that one (or more) is also slated for acceptance to another
organization.  We should discuss this *off-list* since nothing is finalized yet.

Additionally, one of our actively registered mentors or administrators needs to
be present for the IRC meeting for duplicate resolution.  This will happen next
week sometime, as I recall, but I don't know the exact date offhand and am
currently too lazy to look it up.  I do know that I will *not* be able to attend
for us, as I have to work extended hours all week.  Unlike in years past, we
can't simply delegate this to a member of the community--this MUST be someone
who is signed up in Melange as a mentor or org admin.  Volunteers among our
registered mentors/admins ONLY can speak up here.


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