Google Summer of Code

Mark Doliner mark at
Tue Apr 27 05:18:30 EDT 2010

Google has unveiled the official list of students for this summer!  As
always, we had some amazing applications and we were sad that we could
pick more than four.  They are:

* Ivan Komarov, working on improving our ICQ protocol plugin and
bringing it up to par with official ICQ clients.
* Jorge Villasenor Salinas, working on refactoring our MSN protocol
plugin and rewrite SLP code.
* Gilles Bedel, working on detachable sessions for libpurple and UIs.
* Adam Fowler, working on a better chat log viewer.

Thanks to everyone who applied, we appreciate your time!  And keep in
mind that everyone is welcome to contribute, whether as a part of
Google Summer of Code or on your own ;-)


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