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Wed Apr 28 00:36:58 EDT 2010

Sorry for this bit of top-posting here, but Mark was kind enough to forward this
message on to me for my own reference, and I thought some of the points below
were well worth discussing here.  I'd like to see more SoC discussions here on

On 04/27/2010 02:43 PM, Mark Doliner wrote:
2010/4/27 Jorge Villaseñor <salinasv at>:
>> Elliot, I think it worth to finish msnp16, merge it and then start
>> over this code the refactor + rewrite, what do you think?
>> Mark, this discussion must be private or is better to have it on devel?
>> Do I need to create a new im.pidgin.gsoc.2010.msnp_rewrite or continue
> Probably better to have the discussion on devel, I guess.  I don't
> think there are many people familiar enough with msnp16 to give much
> useful feedback, but at least it makes it possible for people to
> follow along.

Having discussions on devel where relevant is a great idea.  It would probably
be better for all our students and for our success in the SoC as a whole to have
as many of our developers engaged in the discussions as possible, not just the
specific mentor for a given project.  In this case, Ka-Hing and Stu may have
useful feedback for you, and others may have useful insight for any design
questions you may have.

> I don't see a need to create a new branch, but I don't know what
> Elliott prefers.  Also, I think Google asks you to submit your changes
> at the end of the summer?  It might be easier to produce one large
> diff if you can just grab all changes from a given branch.  /me
> shrugs.

In this case, I have no preference whether the current msnp16 branch is used or
whether a new SoC branch is used, since this work is already happening off
im.pidgin.pidgin.  That said, Mark's point about producing the large diff from a
branch would actually be an excellent argument for using the existing msnp16
branch as the starting point, propagating im.pidgin.pidgin to it, and switching
to something like im.pidgin.soc.2010.msn-tlc at the first commit after the

Since this project touches core MSN functionality, I'd also say if you reach
milestones during the summer where both you and Elliott feel the progress to
that point is release-ready, it would probably be a good idea to merge back to
im.pidgin.pidgin while continuing to work on the other branch.


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