Implementation of VP8/WebM in XMPP video chat

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Mon Aug 23 13:30:50 EDT 2010


My name is Alec and I need some help with implementing VP8/WebM in XMPP
video chat. I'm 16 and I'm learning C++, so I understand most of the code.
With my friends we decided to have a coding weekend and we also posted
something about it
We set to ourselfs 3 main goals:

- implementing WebM to XMPP video chat
- Audio/video support for Windows
- implement conference/multiuser video chat

I worked on WebM. To understand how 2 users comunicate between them we
analyzed the output in the XMPP console(in xml) after the video chat was

After that we went searching the code for something that would explain us
where the available codecs are found in how the codec used is choosen. We
spent a hell lot of time for this search but we didn't find anything. We
would still need information about how the codecs are found and where.

For the WebM support we updated ffmpeg to version
0.6<>and gstreamer to
0.10.30 <>. After that we
checked the XMPP console again, but again there was no sign of WeM/VP8
We suspect that libpurple has outdated information about available codecs,
but again, we didn't find the piece of code where libpurple defines/lists
the codecs. We would really need some help with that.

Wouldn't it be great to hear that Pidgin(XMPP) has WebM support? :)

Alec Smrekar
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