GSoC idea

Bruno WINTENBERGER bruno.wintenberger at
Thu Feb 4 15:53:32 EST 2010

I am currently a student in computer science, in France (First Year at 
ENSIMAG, Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Informatique et de Mathématiques 
Appliquées de Grenoble, a high school which trains its students in 
Computer Sciences and Mathematiques).

I don't want to hide that I am rather interested in participating to the 
Google Summer of Code. Yesterday, I discovered something wonderful while 
using Skype, something that could be a good project. It was the view of 
my brother's screen.

I was thinking of doing it in Pidgin, and adding some special tools as 
your mouse pointer printed on your contact's screen in order to help him 
to do something that requires your help...

Do you think that this is something I can do for the Google Summer of Code ?

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