Google Summer of Code - idea

Maciej Zbierski pidgin-devel at
Wed Feb 24 05:36:06 EST 2010


as I would like to apply for the SoC 2010, during the process of
brainstorming the ideas I came up with something that might prove
useful. The idea was to create a whiteboard to be shared between
people over the chat. Now, I know there already is a plugin, which
develops more or less the same conception (Virtual Clasroom), but it
provides a limited functionality by supporting only the Yahoo protocol.
My idea, however, would be to create such tool for all Pidgin users,
regardless the protocol they use. The project would include the desing
and implementation of a clever data-exchange algorithm
(clever = limiting the amount of data to be sent, so as not to send
the whole bitmap every time some change is made to the whiteboard) and
the implementation of the GUI in a form of a plugin.

I would like to ask you for the opinions about that subject. Do you
think it is worth coding, should I introduce some alterations to my
proposition, or should I abandon the whole thing and think of
something else?

 Maciej Zbierski

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