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Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at
Fri Jan 8 14:27:06 EST 2010

On 1/8/10 12:23 PM, David Weidenkopf wrote:
> Hello, I am hoping to get some advice integrating a new feature to
> pidgin. The short description is: serverless multi-user chat. We
> don't envision resolving all of the questions such a feature raises,
> but we will build a reasonable prototype that has the most useful
> properties of such a feature: mainly graceful handling of an unstable
> network, mobile clients, and no single point of failure. One way to
> look at this project is a hybrid of XEP-0045 and XEP-0174, Multi-user
> Chat and Serverless Messaging respectively.
> We assume that we will need to build a plugin. Also, since we are
> planning to use bonjour for peer discovery, we want to leverage the
> functionality of that plugin in a reasonable way. Is there a
> reasonable way for one plugin to use another? Can you safely
> 'sublcass' a plugin? The other thing we are planning to do is to use
> XMPP messages as much as possible.

I am very interested in this problem but haven't yet had time to really
sit down and solve it, although I hope to soon. There are some further
ideas here:

Please join the muc at list to discuss the protocol aspects:


Peter Saint-Andre

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