Pidgin logo usage: Authorisation and terms of use ?

Poupoul2 poupoul2 at
Thu Jan 28 17:28:16 EST 2010

Hi all

I'm a member of the April association (, a French
advocacy group for Free Software. We are building a booklet, presenting
25 must-have free softwares. Pidgin has been selected as IM client. We
are now requesting authorisation to the project teams to use their logos
in the booklet, as well as specific rules you might want us to apply
when using it.

I initially joined #pidgin on IRC, where I was pointed to this list, as
to know if this subject was already discussed. I checked the archives
without finding anything related to this subject. As well, I couldn't
find anything on the website.

If you accept my request, it would be appreciated if you can provide us
(or point me to) a vector version of the logo, to improve the quality of
the booklet. 

More information on the project :

The latest version of the booklet (WIP, Pidgin is presented in page 42)

The project pages and the booklet are in French. If any translation of
the Pidgin pages is needed, feel free (as in free speech :) ) to ask.

Thanks in advance.

Gilles (aka Poupoul2)

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