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Nicholas Betcher nbetcher at
Fri Jun 11 20:59:16 EDT 2010

Oops, forgot to Reply to All (not used to mailing lists).

Anyways, upon further consideration I'm going to pursue an official
repository with openSUSE and go from there, however I am wondering if that
information could be put on the Pidgin website at some point?

Nick Betcher, CPhT
Certified Pharmacy Technician

On Fri, Jun 11, 2010 at 3:41 PM, Richard Laager <rlaager at> wrote:

> Moving to devel at
> The first question I have is: why are you creating this repository? I'm
> assuming it's for the same reason I created the Ubuntu one... to make it
> easier for users of openSUSE to get the latest version of Pidgin.
> If you're doing it because openSUSE doesn't ship any Pidgin packages at
> all, that's a different story.
> On Thu, 2010-06-10 at 05:06 -0500, Nicholas Betcher wrote:
> > The source has not been modified in any way (e.g. no patches) and the
> > source was downloaded directly from
> Does the Pidgin package shipped with openSUSE include any patches? If it
> does, I'd suggest you include the same ones, except if they've been
> included upstream or for some good reason (i.e. not just because you
> don't want to update them to apply) are no longer appropriate.
> For example, Ubuntu ships patches that enable libnotify by default. I
> continue to ship those in updated Ubuntu packages so that Ubuntu users
> have a consistent experience whether they use our .deb packages or the
> Ubuntu ones.
> > Could this please be posted on the Pidgin website on the Download
> > section so openSUSE can have their own little 15x5px download link
> > next to the others? :)
> I don't think we want to link to binary packages maintained by people
> who are not Pidgin developers.
> You should write up some simple instructions on how to configure and use
> your repository and put them on your website so people can find your
> packages that way.
> Richard
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