Collaboration to make numerous (Skype, or MSN or Yahoo...) users switch to a free protocol

YannUbuntu yannubuntu at
Thu Jun 24 02:44:18 EDT 2010

Collaboration is a very good idea. But I think the priority of this
collaboration should be to make a client able to perform audio&video
calls between Windows and GNU/Linux (as XMPP is the only free protocol
to currently perform 3+ users video call maybe we could concentrate on
it). IMHO, that would certainly be the most efficient way to make
numerous (Skype, and MSN and Yahoo...) users switch to a free

I see 2 solutions for this:
1) port Empathy on Windows.
2) make Pidgin (or Emesene or other Windows IM) able to perform XMPP
audio&video calls with Empathy.

If I don't mistake, in both cases we need to port Telepathy to
Windows. (
In case 2), we would beneficiate of current Pidgin Windows' base. But
also we would have to remove components incompatible with Telepathy.
In case 1), the parallel development of Windows and Linux versions of
Telepathy would maybe be easier for the future.
Maybe porting Empathy on Windows would be easier/faster at all ?

In both cases Windows' developpers from Pidgin&Emesene&others help
would be very helpful.

Telepathy now rocks on Linux, we must prepare to port it on Windows to
attract more users->devs !

if we get this, I bet you Steven that games and skins will quickly follow ;)


2010/6/24 steven ferreira <steven.ferreira91 at>:
> Hi Empathy Team,
> My idea is a collaboration between empathy and other well known open source
> im-clients like Emesene, Adium, Pidgin, Kopete, ...
> What is behind the collaboration ?
> It would be awesome if empathy would come with some games per default.
> So why i suggest the collaboration between Empathy and the others Im-Clients
> ?
> Well it's simply because many people use them and Empathy could work
> together with them to create games which are compatible in Empathy, Adium,
> Pidgin, Kopete, ...
> The advantage of this game collaboration is that you can play them on any
> application and on any platform.
> Pidgin => Windows, Linux
> Adium => Mac
> Emesene => Windows, Linux, Mac
> Kopete => Linux (but KDE Environment)
> Empathy => Linux
> Another Idea is to change the whole Interface in Empathy with a
> background/pictures. (something like Personas for Firefox)
> is a collaboration/meeting for graphics
> applications something similiar for chat applications would be nice too.
> I really like Empathy, it just keeps getting better so don't stop developing
> it and i would be happy if someone writes me back =) !
> _______________
> Regards F.Steven

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