Help needed in Development using Libpurple

Maulik Gandhi maulik.a2z at
Sun Jun 27 16:48:35 EDT 2010

Hello Pidgin developers,

In past few days i am developing a medical device as educational project in
my engineering college.That device want to transfer file of acquired data
and it should make Audio call to some other online person (doctor).
Requirements for my application are i should able to file transfer, im and
voice call from my c program depending on some conditions. No graphical
screen and terminal gkt/gnt windows are required as that device will not
have any display.
Using libpurple source code, nullclient example code and Doxygen help i have
made a code to Im and even file transfer too..
but i am stuck at Audio call from last 2 weeks.
i want to know what  initializations it will require before calling
*. I have initialize media using *pidgin_medias_init() *that makes default
audio source and sink and video source and sink devices... all goes fine and
it adds media caps too but it cant initiate call from the program and when i
make Audio call to that running program from pidgin on other pc calls are

i can attach my code if it can help you.
This is my first post to pidgin developers mail list.
Hope you all have good day.
pls reply as soon as possible.

summery : i want to know what  initializations it will require before
calling  *purple_prpl_initiate_media *.

Thanx a ton.
Maulik Gandhi
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